Understanding the Actions of Your Puppy

People say a dog is a best friend of a man but how will that happen if you do not know what the other one is trying to say? How will you know the necessities of it? How will you react to what it feels when you do not even know a thing about what they are try to communicate? It is hard, isn't it?

Having pets to provide us company is what we want. Moreover, aside from the company they give us, there is still more to it. We long for friendship that is why we have pets. As the best of friends, having a good communication to one another is important. Also visit this crate training page for more tips.

Even if a puppy is so cute, there are still times when it frustrates you. They act peculiar at times making you wonder what they are trying to let you know. When you cannot figure out what they are trying to tell you, you become so confused. Despite the language barrier, it is still possible to have a good communication between your puppy and you. Surprisingly, there is a way of understanding what your puppy is trying to tell you. You base its words on its actions.

These are the actions of your puppy that you can try to understand so you will know what they are trying to say to you. See this service dog registration page for your needs.

The most common action is the barking. Barking is natural for a puppy. However, you cannot just ignore that because it is expected. Barking is the first action of a puppy to try to talk to you. It may be barking because it wants to capture your attention to be attentive! Hunger is also a reason for barking so it can have some food from you. It can also be because it is bored so it wants you to play with it. Take note if you have already fed your puppy to know if he is really barking due to hunger. If it barks at a stranger, this may be because it is threatened and it thinks of the other person as an enemy.

When you tap the puppy's head, it tends to move away. This means that your puppy feels that you are dominating him. It is better if you stroke its side of the face to show affection to it. Know more facts about dogs at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/25/best-pet-stores-in-chicago_n_4338944.html.

One behavior of a puppy is also nipping. This is a normal behavior of your puppy and it does not mean aggression. Nipping is an instinct felt and done by a puppy when its teeth hurt during outgrowth. However, always keep in mind to not tolerated this and make a way to stop it as they are growing up.

A puppy also tends to guard its toys. A puppy guarding its possessions is trying to tell you that it owns it and it wants it to be safe.